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Free Classifieds by Oodoa:
If you have ever been looking for quality classified ads, it can be easy to get lost online. There are countless websites where you can post free ads, trade products and services and more. The problem with a number of these free classified sites is that they do not come with much regulation. It can be easy for users to take advantage of the situation and post fake ads or adult ads. If you have ever been frustrated looking up classified ads on 2backpage, craigslist, VCI classifieds, KSL classifieds, nextechclassifieds or other websites, we have a breath of fresh air for you.
Oodoa is a classified website inspired by god and charity. The purpose of our classified website is to offer a platform for people to post their ads on a platform for believers. We envisioned a classifieds platform free of fake ads, without any type of craigslist flagging and without any problems with adult ads. On our website, you can trust links such as affiliate outbound links, youtube videos or links back to a website. We thoroughly vet every post and only content that is deemed safe for the platform will make it through.
We are inspired by god and his generosity and we created this platform for people to connect, share their thoughts, share services and products and to inspire one another. We want to make it easier to post safe classified ads, to help each other out and to make sure that everyone can keep safe online.
Oodoa will continue its mission to be the new fresh air in online classified sites. We are committed to offering a service that will be free and continue to be free for life. If you want a safer classified advertising site, check out Oodoa today and leave 2backpage and other potentially harmful sites behind!